What we call marketing today first appeared in the USA in the end of the 19th century. Those days, competition was weak, products were very similar to each other and demand surpassed supply. It was a period of so called product-oriented marketing - people were purchasing only goods, which they really needed, thus promotion and distrubition were very simple. However, in the first decade of the last century first surpluses emerged as a consequence of some markets' over-saturation and producers sought to manage this situation. A pioneer in this field, in the car industry in particular, was Henry Ford. He achieved a great success thanks to a new car concept and new promotion methods for his products.

There is the rub

What is marketing good for to me?
Is promotion necessary?
Why to register clients?
How to communicate with the outside world?

What you manage prior to a promotional address

  • creation of a logo, slogan,
  • graphical unification of company,
  • media presentation (internet, press, TV,…),
  • goal identification, we know how much we want,
  • we know to whom.

What you know after a promotional campaign

  • we know how much,
  • we know what to do further.

If you are not sure even on one point, ask us…

Examples of realised activities

  • Media strategy of hedge funds (press, TV, internet) .
  • Lobbying, conference activities.
  • Rebranding of a brokerage firm financial group (new logo, website, presentation documents).
  • Finding names for new credit products.
  • Client services CRM system; realisation by mutual funds.
  • Creation of corporate Creation of web presentations, e-shops.
  • Provision of a promotional campaign (on www.seznam.cz, www.zlatakoruna.cz,..).
  • Promotional and presentation documents (advertising enclosures to bank account statements, information brochures, New Year's cards, rollbanners).
  • Argumentation documents for distribution network of a building savings bank.
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