Within product marketing all activity is focused not on promotion of a company in general, but directly on communication of a particular product or service.

End to your troubles

You don't have your own marketing manager?
Advertising agency's results are questionable?
We will undertake your marketing on our costs!

Almost everything can be outsourced - accountant, lawyer, transport, security guard,....
So why not marketing? Do you have doubts about efficiency of such solution?

Entrust us with kick-off of marketing activities for new products and services. We will pay for all acitivities on our costs and we will share the results together.

We are iinterested in

  • introduction of new products and services to market,
  • regionally interesting activities,
  • support in new foreign partners' entry to Czech market,
  • launch of products, services or brands with inactive market potential.

If you persuade us, you have success near-hand.

Systemia s.r.o.
Smetanova 131, 250 82 Úvaly, Czech Republic, ID No: 285 13 177
Company registered in the Commercial Registry of the City Court in Prague, Section C, entry No.147064