Devil's advocate is an experssion used for an official opponent in the sanctification process (1587-1983). This appointed defendant of religion argued against the intended sanctification with a view to ensuring the sanctification process neutrality. The Devil's advocate expression is also used in colloquial language for denoting a defendant of a really or seemingly bad thing. In a discussion, the Devil's advocate submits arguments for a standpoint that is to be also considered.

Devil's advocate

Have you or your employees lost the energy for further development of your company, products or offered services?
Find new impulse for your innovations!

Carrying out of detailed analysis of all domains

  • business model,
  • sales and product processes,
  • sales manual,
  • target group of clients,
  • product range,
  • support of distribution,
  • marketing plan,
  • mystery shopping,
  • peer comparison,
  • media strategy,
  • sales strategy,
  • branch network and equipment,
  • organization structure,
  • internal costs,
  • financial results.

Examples of realised activities

  • Annual marketing plans of a building savings bank.
  • Media strategy of a brokerage firm.
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